Gear Review: Mackie M-Caster LIVE

Videos by American Songwriter

Videos by American Songwriter

Mackie has been delivering professional-level audio gear, especially mixers, for a long time. As they have expanded their footprint with sound reinforcement speakers, now they have released the new M-Caster LIVE designed specifically for streaming.

Everyone is streaming now from town halls to churches and of courses musicians. But all streams are not created equal and usually, the video quality far exceeds the audio quality that is sent out to viewers.  Holding the M-Caster LIVE in my hands, the symbols that Mackie has placed on the mixer to designate the controls are fun and intuitive. At the top, you have the earbuds/headphones level. The StreamFX control, on each channel, allows you to alter the sound of the voices. The ContourFX is for sound sweetening so you can adjust it to your taste. The Mood lighting, which surrounds the controls and emanates from the bottom of the M-Caster LIVE, provides 15 different colors to match your mixing mood. Connectivity is loaded into this mixer with an XLR input, 48V for phantom power, lightning plug-in, computer monitor, headphone, media player, and more. M-Caster has outputs for earbuds/headphones and speakers. It includes two USB cables, a power supply, a 1/8” TRS, and a 1/8” TRRS for smartphones. The package also comes with the Accusonus sound design suite for audio enhancements. You can also choose black or white colors for the outer casing.

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Build Quality: Is sturdy, yet portable, and the top carrying handle is convenient.

Sound and Tone: It’s a Mackie it sounds great.

Hardware: M-Caster LIVE mixer is simple to use and fun the cables are a nice addition too!

Pros:  Probably the simplest to use live streaming mixer I have ever seen or tested.  A lot of thought was put into the creation of the M-Caster to make it usable for everyone.

Cons: A carrying bag or case would be nice to keep the M-Caster and the cables together and protect it while in transit to a show or event.  One more XLR input would be handy.

Verdict: At $229.99 the Mackie M-Caster LIVE is a turn-key live stream mixer that would elevate anyone’s streaming.  This would be especially useful for live music living room shows or a songwriter showcase.  You could expand it for a songwriter round by inputting a larger mixer into the XLR channel.  M-Caster LIVE will make your streaming sound much better and have some fun while you’re doing it. And it will fit into the pocket of your gig bag. If you’re streaming now or plan to pick up an M-Caster LIVE now and see for yourself.

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