Gear Review: Mojave New MA-50 Microphone

Great-sounding microphones are usually very pricey. That is the reason that many of us musicians don’t own higher-end mics and only get the chance to use them when we go into a studio to record song demos or other tracks. 

Mojave Audio is trying to change all of that with their new MA-50 microphone, designed by the legend himself David Royer. American Songwriter received the new MA-50 mic with chrome screen, shockmount, and professional carrying case to test it out for ourselves. 

The Mojave Ma-50 is a heavy-duty microphone that is built to last. The base screws into the shockmount mic holder and can be attached to any microphone stand for your personal preferences, whether that be for vocals or instrument reproduction. It also has a standard XLR output to make cable applications simple. What takes the MA-50 mic to the next level is that it is built around the same cardioid capsule that is in Mojave’s extremely popular MA-200 mic. The MA-200 sells for nearly double the cost of the MA-50. Microphones that don’t have a built-in transformer are known to produce audio artifacts that are usually not desirable during recordings. But on the other hand, high-quality transformers for microphones are expensive and drive up the price of these mics. 

Royer was able to develop the MA-50 without a transformer while also cleaning up the audio issues that other mics experience. The fixed cardioid audio pattern also helps reject outside, unwanted and ambient sound that can bleed into your recordings. The beauty of the Mojave MA-50 as a recording tool is that you can utilize it to record vocals, drums, and acoustic instruments. 

I was impressed by the vocal clarity it responded and found it very useful for micing an acoustic guitar as well. You could essentially record your own song demos with this one microphone and not need any other mics, which is a powerful statement considering the price range. The MA-50 can handle up to 140dB and has no issues with fast transients while recording. As mentioned earlier, the Mojave MA-50 includes the microphone, a professional shockmount, and Mojave carrying case. The street price on the MA-50, including from our American Songwriter partners, is $599, which is a great bargain for a Large-diaphragm condenser microphone of this quality. Testing it for the AS review, the MA-50 performs and feels like a much more expensive mic and is ideal for musicians recording demos and songs at home on a budget. I’m hopeful that Mojave will bring more products in this price range and at this level to the public in the future.  

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