Gear Review: New Luxe Pick by Martin

Tired of strumming your guitar with the same old free picks you grabbed at a local guitar store? Martin Guitars has released the new Luxe by Martin and this isn’t your cheap three-for-a-dollar flimsy pick-and-chip one. The Luxe is a thicker contoured guitar pick measuring at 1.0mm with beveled edges. The satin finish makes it easy to hold on to and the different bevels around the sides essentially provide you three varied picking surfaces in one plectrum.  

At first, the heavier thickness put me off when it first arrived, but after some playing time, it became comfortable and easy to manipulate for strumming and solo work. The Martin logo is engraved on the top and it also comes with an enhanced grip disc that you can stick to the back of the pick for increased finger holding power.  

The Luxe by Martin is packed in a classy metal tin and includes a pick pouch for your new investment. At $19.99 you don’t want to let a friend borrow your new Martin pick or lose it in the laundry, so the pick pouch comes in handy. The pick is created from a special polymer so if you take care of your Luxe by Martin pick it should provide years of playing service. A new pick, much like a new guitar or fresh strings, can jump-start your inspiration to create new songs. If you’re in the market for a higher-end, quality-made guitar pick, give the Luxe by Martin a try.

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