Gear Review: New Snare Drums from PDP

Videos by American Songwriter

Videos by American Songwriter

Pacific Drums and Percussion (PDP) is offering two new drums in their boutique-inspired marquee Concept Select line. With a shallower shell than the original 6.5×14” Concept Select metal snares launched in 2020, the new 5.5×14″ Concept Select comes in 3mm seamless Aluminum and Bell Bronze and gives players a good second option for snare sounds. If you’re a fan of metal snare drums, you might just want to have both in your arsenal.

The curated metal shell of each of the new snares is emblazoned with a unique laser engraved Art Deco-inspired insignia. Both new offerings feature the following chrome hardware: dual-turret lugs, 2.3mm triple-flanged hoops, the company’s True-Pitch tension rods, and the sturdy DW Mag throw-off. Additionally, the drums sport 20-strand snare wires, and DW drum heads by Remo. The striking look of the aluminum Concept Select snare is highlighted by satin walnut wood hoops and low-profile claw hooks that also offer enhanced playing comfort.

If you don’t know about PDP drums, you should. Founded by Drum Workshop, Inc. in 1999, Pacific Drums and Percussion is a progressive and very player-friendly drum brand that features boutique-inspired, classic-looking instruments with the best-in-class build quality. PDP has been embraced by a wide range of players, from students and educators to notable universities, music institutions, professional players, and working drummers everywhere. Predicated on the notion that stylish, great-sounding instruments should be accessible to all, the value-conscious line has expanded since its inception to include the award-winning Concept Series maple and birch drums, and modular Concept Series hardware and accessories. With outstanding tone and quality inherited from its founder, DW, PDP solutions for drummers just continue to become more popular.

The new Concept Select drums represent not only great tone but a sound value. With the Aluminum model at just $499.99 and the Bell Bronze model at $849.99, it’s pretty easy to add both style and a second, shallower snare option to your kit.

Size, materials, design, and, of course, build quality all play a part in the tone a good snare produces. Brass and brass alloys like bronze are the most familiar materials for snare drums. The metal shell accentuates top-end but with some bass/low-mid warmth. Aluminum on the other hand offers a more sharp, dry sound with a sparkling, bright treble response that will cut through any mix and then some. Look for the Aluminum Concept Select snare to deliver a consistently warm and earthy timbre where the Bell Bronze model will make a statement with its punchy, powerful attack and a bigger, heavyweight sound that rock players will appreciate.

You can find out more about the PDP Concept Select line and all the other PDP drums and accessories HERE.

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