Gear Review: PRS Guitars Clip-On Tuner

PRS Clip-On Tuner

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Videos by American Songwriter

PRS Guitars releases a new Clip-On Tuner, designed for acoustic and electric guitars, bass and ukuleles.

From its brightly lit LCD strobe display to the ubiquitous PRS Coopers Hawk logo found on the 12th fret of many of their guitars, the new PRS Clip-On Tuner is a must look if you are in the market for a new tuner. PRS takes great pride in building elegant, exquisite-looking guitars and this new tuner follows their high-standards.

What grabs me most is that this tuner is rechargeable via USB so there’s no need for constant lithium or ion battery replacement. Some may find this troublesome as the unit does need to be recharged on a regular basis. But like most electronics these days, we’ve become accustomed to the plug-in and charge process and once you get into the habit of doing so, it becomes second nature. Pack the included USB cable and a plug or power bank into your bag and you’re set. You’ll also save cash on buying batteries.

PRS Clip-On Tuner

Using it on a live gig, I found the large size of the Cooper Hawk logo perfect for letting me know I’m in tune. The tuner features four tuning modes- two needle and two strobe and tunes from 416 to 466 HZ. I personally prefer the needle visual, and tuning all instruments, whether standard or dropped or alternate, was a breeze. The rubber clips also ensured the tuner stayed on the instrument. Retail price is $29.95.

PRS Clip-On Tuner Features:

– No slip proprietary rubber clip
– Four tuning modes (2 needle and 2 strobe)
– Strobe Tuner with .5cent Accuracy
– Simple to use, and easy to transport
– Vivid LCD display for any lighting environment

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These new spring accessories will also appeal to you and let you show off your PRS pride, announced this week by the manufacturer:


The “Traditional” bandana features PRS’s trademark birds in a geometric, radial pattern and comes in Black and Military Green. The “Bird Swarm” design is based on the popular PRS Private Stock Birds of a Feather fretboard inlay and comes in both Brown and Teal. Wear them as a headband, headscarf, face covering, neckband, pocket square, or tie it to your gig bag or guitar case for a personal touch.

PRS Bandanas

Women’s Apparel

PRS has also added two new women’s shirts this spring: a Racerback Tank and Bay Bridge Tee. Designed with a scoop neck, the PRS racerback tank will keep players cool and comfy under stage lights or at outdoor gigs. Featuring PRS’s trademark Cooper’s Hawk on the breast and bird detail down the back, this tank comes in two colors: Slate Blue and Oxblood Red. The second design celebrates PRS’s location at the foot of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge. The Chesapeake Bay Bridge serves as the connection between Maryland’s Eastern and Western Shores, linking PRS from its current location to its origins in Annapolis, Maryland. Available in two colors, Red on Black and Yellow on Blue.

PRS Women’s Apparel

 Beach Towel

Hit the beach or the pool this summer with the PRS Giant Beach Towel. Made with high-quality cotton and adorned with the “Birds of Feather” fretboard design, the PRS Beach Towel is plush and oversized for comfort at 31.49″ x 70.86″. Available exclusively from the PRS online store.

Shop for these accessories at:

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