Gear Review: Samson Meteor Mic

Samson Meteor Mic
List Price: $149.99

Like a Swiss Army knife of desktop recording, the Samson Meteor Mic gives you everything you need to complete any task. Gone are the days of the pencil thin plastic computer mics. In are the days of multi-purpose, well constructed digital workhorses for recording a vocal, tracking a podcast and even more common tasks like chatting and computer voice recognition.

In the construction category, the Meteor Mic is no slouch weighing in at .57 pounds and its compact metal body has a reassuring heft to it. Folding out the chrome legs to sit on the desk shows off the Meteor’s flexible side with the rubber tipped feet keeping the mic firmly in one spot while dampening vibrations. The USB connection and 1/8 inch headphone jack both reside on the back with the headphone volume knob and mute button on the front. Plugging your headphones directly into the mic means zero latency and less fiddling with other devices.

The Meteor is a cardioid mic packing a 1 inch condenser capsule, so be prepared to record your dog yapping in the back of the house along with that acoustic track. Like most large diaphragm condensers, having a controlled environment is helpful. The upside to having a powerful mic is that it works in a lot of situations and can be put on a mic stand for a more exact placement which can aid in getting a tighter sound and hide the fact that you’re sitting in your bedroom. Retailing for $99, there are cheaper mics out there, but they won’t look as cool or be built as tough as the Samson Meteor Mic.


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