Gear Review: X-Tempo Pok Wireless DAW Foot Controller

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X-Tempo Zone
Pok Wireless DAW Foot Controller
List Price: $449.00

The X-Tempo Pok Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) controller uses wireless USB to connect to your computer, and allows you to control your DAW, wirelessly, from up to 80 feet away. Pok is compatible with Pro Tools, Logic, Reason, Ableton, and most other DAWs on the market. Rugged and sturdy, Pok is streamlined and exceptionally functional. Three AAA batteries are literally all you need to get started using the controller, as there are no drivers to install. Out of the box, Pok comes loaded with a set of Pro Tools commands as the default, but these are easily customizable to your DAW of choice by using the included editor software, and you can even download different controller templates for it.

There are eight pedals, with the last pedal acting as a shift key, making each template capable of up to 22 different commands. With this at your feet, you can run a complete session from a tracking room, perhaps three floors down through wood and concrete, without having to hire a second pair of hands to man the controls. The Pok makes it easy to record, play, stop, punch, and overdub, or control any aspect of your DAW from just about anywhere. For live performance, if two hands just aren’t enough, Pok could figure into your performance as a foot controller, or even be used to record your shows to a DAW, wirelessly, from the stage. In the studio, the novelty of being able to control your DAW from anywhere quickly gives way to the realization that you’re going to grow to rely completely on this amazing piece of equipment.

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