Geartorial: Rockett Audio Archer Pedals With Matt O’Ree

Videos by American Songwriter

Videos by American Songwriter

Guitarist Matt O’Ree reviews the Rockett Audio Archer Pedals in his latest Geartorial video review series. O’Ree walks through the sounds of both the Gold Ikon and Silver versions of the Archer. The Archer functions as a 2 in one guitar pedal. With the gain down, it’s a clean boost. As you introduce gain it attenuates the clean signal, adding overdrive and a nice harmonic saturation.

O’Ree demos the pedals using three guitars for different flavors: a ’61 Strat, ’67 Fender Tele Custom Shop, 2001 ’58 Custom Les Paul and an R9 Gibson Les Paul. All are played through a Trainwreck amp.

Artists who use the boutique manufacturers pedals include Jeff Beck, Keith Urban, James Bay, Tim Pierce, Guthrie Trapp and Peter Stroud.

Pedals can be purchased at

Rockett Audio Archer
Rockett Audio Archer Ikon

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