Get Yo’ Gut-String On: Córdoba Fusion Series 12 Orchestra CD/IN

Get Yo’ Gut-String On
Córdoba Fusion Series 12 Orchestra CD/IN
LIST: $755.00

A hardcore classical guitarist can easily drop 10 large on a gut-string guitar that will respond to every subtle tonal variation that a master’s fingertips may want to express. Most of these fine distinctions are lost once a guitar is plugged in or played Willie Nelson-style with a pick. Most of us are steel-stringers who want that warm nylon-string tone in our bag of tricks but will never become rigid classical guitarists. Córdoba launched their Fusion line with us in mind. The Córdoba Fusion Orchestra series is designed to make high quality nylon-string guitars with necks and fingerboards that are thinner and feel like a steel-string acoustic or electric guitar. The Fusion bodies are built in the traditional Spanish-style of guitar making, but the necks and fingerboards are modernized and feel comfortable for non-classical players. The thinner 1 7/8 inch neck feels great; the radiused fingerboard makes it highly playable. The tone of the Córdoba Fusion Orchestra 12 is dark and punchy in the basses, with strong, round trebles and balanced mids; it sounds like wood, not a laminate. Córdoba utilizes the Spanish Heel system to set the neck, which probably contributes to that classic nylon tone.

Plugged-in is where this guitar shines. I went straight into my electric rig, pedals and all; it sounded great, and felt so much better than plugging into a direct box and depending on a monitor man to give me what I need. I would not recommend this approach for a flattop steel-string, but it’s ideal for this nylon-string.

The Córdoba Fusion Orchestra 12 comes with a disappointing gig bag that assures that your guitar will eventually get smashed. Upgrade to the HumiCase at the time of purchase and Córdoba will upgrade your limited Three Year Warranty to a Limited Lifetime Warranty, which would make this gut-string a lifelong friend.

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