5 Best “Just Because” Gifts for Drummers of 2024

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If you think you're bad about having an online cart full of items, just ask another musician what their wishlist looks like. Between product releases, vintage items for collections, and "just because" items, musicians tend to get really excited about shopping for gear. If you're wondering what your favorite drummer might be in the market for, consider these items.

1. Vic Firth Drummers' Gloves - Medium

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Drumming gloves aren't usually at the top of a drummer's gear list when beginning, but over time they'll become a want. An experienced drummer will like wearing gloves while setting up kits. Drummers who often play rock music will also like these. As someone who gets fatigued during long practice sessions, this will definitely help keep a better grip on sticks. They're pretty affordable and will make a great birthday, holiday, or just-because gift.

2. MECCALINE Sheet Music Folder

gifts for drummers

Every lesson means more sheet music. Eventually, it becomes hard to keep music tidy. This sheet music folder keeps music organized and definitely beats using a binder. Each sheet will be covered by the inserts and will be your favorite way to take notes. You can grab an oil-based pen and add some accents, bass, open hi-hats, and more so you won't get bored with some lessons. Get it for $13.90.

3. Roland TDM-20 Large Heavy-duty Drum Mat - Sweetwater Exclusive

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Even with headphones, your electronic kit can be a distraction to others. If you have downstairs neighbors, be considerate and use a rug. Plus, it'll come in handy when it's time to get that deposit back. The rug will protect your floor from scratches. Noise reduction and shock absorption will keep your downstairs neighbors happy, especially if you've got a strong right foot.

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4. MusicNomad Premium Drum & Cymbal Care System

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Drummers will go through cleaning products often. This cleaning kit allows drummers to polish their drum shells, stands, hardware, cases, and throne. Keep those cymbals nice and pretty, and you'll look forward to keeping them forever. You can never go wrong gifting a drummer a care system. They'll receive a cleaner, detailer, and two microfiber towels for a fingerprint and dust-free drum set.

5. 48 Pack Black blue 1" x 12" x 12" Acoustic Wedge Studio Foam Sound Absorption Wall Panels

gifts for drummers

Of course, another noise absorption item is on the list. Drummers will try just about anything to reduce noise while using their home recording studio. Why not help them out on a budget? While we don't think this is the key to reducing noise at all, it'll come in handy to reduce echo if they're recording. To reduce noise, consider a drum shield or isolation booth.

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