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  • I started tracking and mixing seriously about five years ago. So I’m not a pro, just a singer/songwriter trying to make good sounding demos and my own albums. Best advice was to understand how I wanted to mix, and make a choice. Would I use headphones, monitors or both? And if monitors, would my room be good for it or not? I’d suggest taking time…[Read more]

  • Another thing I’ve found really helpful is reading the magazines. Two standout. The first is Sound on Sound and the other is Mix Magazine. SOS is an very readable magazine even for those who aren’t gearheads or professional engineers. There’s a ton of useful advice and profiles on recording, mixing and mastering. A year’s subscription to this is…[Read more]

    • Thank you Susan for creating this forum for songwriters. I write, record, mix and master all my song “in the box.” I’m primarily a Cubase user with Apollo Twin interface. There are plenty of other sources for useful information on how to use these tools. Perhaps some of the questions that could help are around workflow: how to take ideas and get…[Read more]

      • If anything, I’d always recommending They offers a “start to finish” series which is great to see how things are really done in the studio working among artist, producer, and engineer. Lots of console/outboard gear which in most cases can be adapted to in-the-box mixing. Really a great place to start.