Holiday Gear Guide 2012: The Vox AC4C1-BL Guitar Amp

The VOX AC4C1-BL Guitar Amp

The VOX AC4C1-BL is a sharp looking amp, aping the stylish look of vintage ’60s VOX amps. It’s portable, with an all-tube design, and has a simple set-up with just four knobs: treble, bass, gain, and volume. We initially plugged a Jazzmaster straight in, bypassing the effects rig. The sound at low volume seemed a little thin, but when we opened the gain and volume knobs all the way up, the sound was thick, crunchy and powerful. It came closer to emulating the trusty VOX AC-30 through our effects board, including a Rat with the distortion dialed down and an Electro-Harmonix Holy Grail digital reverb.

At 4 watts, the AC4C1-BL isn’t really loud enough to use on a full-band gig.  Nevertheless, the “top boost” sound is actually quite authentic when turned up. We placed a Shure SM-57 in front of the 10 inch Celestion speaker, and the playback revealed that it’s a great little recording amp. Plus, this sexy little dude would look fantastic on your bookcase. – JOHN P. STROHM


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