How To Record Electric Guitar Using A Ribbon Microphone: Tips From Tim Pierce And Rick Beato

Watch Tim Pierce and Rick Beato dive deep on the best ways to record electric guitars using ribbon microphones in this informative video. Produced by Royer Labs as part of their NAMM presentation, the 48-minute chat hits all the marks on why ribbon mics have a certain warm, natural sound and lend well to capturing sound exactly as the human ear hears it.

The two respected industry pros each have years of recording music and playing on hit records. Pierce is a legendary LA session guitarist whose tasty playing can be heard on hits from Rick Springfield, Goo Goo Dolls and Bon Jovi. Beato, in addition to his production/engineer credits, has become a YouTube sensation for his critical analysis of guitar intros and his “What Makes This Song Great” series.

Check out what they have to say in this Royer Labs video below and also check out Royer's Ribbon Mics 101 primer as well:
Royer's Electric Guitars & Ribbon Mics with Tim Pierce & Rick Beato
Ribbons 101 with Royer's John Jennings

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