IK Multimedia Is Offering Free Syntronik Memory-V Plug-In Download Beginning Valentine’s Weekend

IK Multimedia Memory V for Syntronik

Synth lovers take note! IK Multimedia is feeling the love this Valentine’s Day weekend and offering their Memory-V instrument for Syntronik for free.

You’ll just need to head over to their website and subscribe to their newsletter between February 12-26, 2021 and they’ll send you the plug-in gratis. It’s a pretty sweet gift, normally selling for $49.99, and available for both Mac and PC users. You’ll need to have their Syntronik, version 1.2 or higher, for full functionality.

The Syntronik Memory-V is IK’s take on the classic 18-oscillator monster analog polysynth Memorymoog.  It features over 5GB of samples with 146 presets and over 6,000 samples.

IK Multimedia Memory V for Syntronik

Manufactured from 1981 to 1985 and originally used by pioneering New Wave, experimental and pop artists, the Memory-V is often described as six Minimoogs in one unit. According to IK, ‘its timbral palette is nothing short of impressive, capable of producing a huge variety of sounds including strings, brasses, pads, flutes as well as more percussive sounds.’

Here’s more info on the Memory-V for Syntronik if your curiosity is piqued: https://www.ikmultimedia.com/products/synmemoryv/

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