Photos: Inside Guy Clark’s Workshop


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  1. Guy and Townes are still a big influence in my many years of songwriting They are both true poets and at our age we are fading fast [if I knew I was gonna live this long, I would have taken better care of myself] I just wish Guy could see just a few of the charcoal artworks I’ve done of him and Townes he would be impressed and for him to actually know that I spend 100 hrs. of songwriting for every1 hr. I spend drawing that would REALLY impress him. everythings a craft but I can’t make a guitar just another desperado waiting for a train with Lefty.
    a Left-Handed Jimmie “Rabbit” Harris

  2. I expect more from my favorite magazine. This photo set is disappointing to say the least. For starters, it contains less than half the number of pictures as the American Idol album. Guy Clark epitomizes what it is to be an American Songwriter; American Idol has its merit, but for the most part is the antithesis to the slow, arduous process of becoming a well-respected/little-known songwriter. Second, in a guitar workshop – get some pictures of the guitars as the focus of the shot instead of just sitting in the background. Also, pictures of Guy actually working in the shop and using the tools would have been cool. Third, we know you can work photoshop – or instagram, but you might want to save the hipster filters for your facebook albums. Finally, I feel like there should be some more text that accompanies this piece. I realize it’s not a feature, but even just one paragraph with some more in-depth background information for people who may not know would be good.

    Just some tips from a Journalism student with a B- average, so you know it’s all true. Kidding. Otherwise though, keep up the awesome work y’all are the best.

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