Jared Feinman Premieres “The Sinner’s Last Song” Paired with Stripped-Down Live Music

While many artists choose to go big with their instrumentation and execution, singer-songwriter Jared Feinman decided on an alternate route, using only the necessities to conjure his sound and visuals put forth on his latest single “The Sinner’s Last Song”.  

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“There was a lot of experimentation in the writing and delivery of this song,” Feinman told American Songwriter.  “The space and silence within the music and lyric created a sense of freedom for me to explore. The tune arrived almost fully formed.  It’s a confessional song, in which I plead for the atonement of a tough breakup from my now ex-girlfriend. This song is one of my more honest songs.  Whenever the song plays, I get a little overwhelmed. There’s a couplet I wrote which still makes me cry, and sometimes even laugh because of how truthful it is: “Now you found another lover, who looks just like my brother.”

“The Sinner’s Last Song” video is a live, studio performance, captured in one-take at The Bridge Studio in Brooklyn.  The single fleshes out Feinman’s sparse vocals, allowing the foundational elements like piano to breathe and guide the listener.  Feinman’s vocals act as a milestone for each piano verse, creating a call-and-response. Though the single’s video comes forth as a scant and focal performance, the studio version of the song is much more involved.  

“I released the studio version of this song last month. It has drums, bass, and a horn arrangement,” Feinman explained.  But I wanted to capture a live performance due to how raw and delicate the song is. I decided to use the holiday break in late December to record this video.  I feel people are craving musical authenticity, perhaps more than ever at the moment. Filming and recording live was, in my mind, the most honest way to deliver the song.  I called Clay Patrick McBride; the only person who makes me feel comfortable in front of a camera. Clay is one of the most talented and respected photographers and directors in the world.  We met in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York to record at The Bridge Studio with engineer Phil Joly, and sent to Frank Filipetti to mix.”

The Philadelphia based singer-songwriter has a background in music counting back to the age of six, when he began learning classical piano.  At the brink of adulthood, Feinman journeyed into the University of Richmond, where he studied business. Days from graduation Feinman met with his internal calling to pursue music, explaining business just didn’t feel right.  Influenced by a close friend who was a Berklee College student, Feinman reconsidered higher education, eventually enrolling at Berklee after that same friend’s death. Berklee allowed Feinman to craft a tailored curriculum, which was centered around songwriting and performance, ultimately providing him with the skills to put forth “The Sinner’s Last Song”.

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