Jeff Tweedy Performs “Impossible Germany” In Fender’s New ‘Re-Creation’ Series

Fender puts the new Acoustasonic Jazzmaster in the hands of Wilco’s Jeff Tweedy for their new Re-Creation series and the results are delightful.

Tweedy reached deep into his vast catalog of songs and performs a solo version of “Impossible Germany,” which appears on the band’s 2007 Sky Blue Sky album. Recorded in his Chicago rehearsal space against a backdrop of drool worthy gear, Tweedy’s performance is akin to a peek into the songwriter’s creative process. Stripped of the backing his bandmates provide on the studio track (including a wonderfully eclectic outro lead solo by Nels Cline), this solo rendition feels more like a (surprise!) lost Woody Guthrie track.

Watch Jeff Tweedy Perform "Impossible Germany" In Fender's Re-Creation Series below:
Fender Re-Creation: Jeff Tweedy

Following Lindsey Buckingham’s new take on his classic “Never Going Back Again” which premiered last week in Fender’s Re-Creation debut, the guitar manufacturer has set their bar high for future episodes. Tune in here for upcoming performances.

Fender's Acoustasonic Jazzmaster is the newest addition to their guitar line, combining the feel of an electric with an acoustic. Players can access a variety of tones via controls. The Jazzmaster features a larger body shape, new Tim Shaw-designed humbuckers and four new acoustic voicings.

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