Jim Lauderdale Announces Two New Albums, Releases New Single “Time Flies”


Jim Lauderdale, a two-time GRAMMY award winning artist and Americana pioneer, will release two records simultaneously on Friday, August 3. Yep Roc Records will release both albums, titled Time Flies and Jim Lauderdale and Roland White. These releases mark the reunion of Jim Lauderdale and Yep Roc Records after a decade apart.

According to a press release, the two albums are new, but only Time Flies was recorded recently. Jim Lauderdale and Roland White was Lauderdale’s first full-length album, recorded in 1979 but un-released due to its being lost for nearly 40 years. Both were recorded in Nashville, the former in Blackbird Studio and House of Blues Studios, and the latter in the basement of Earl and Louise Scruggs’ home at the time of its recording.

Listen to the new single, “Time Flies,” on SoundCloud, Spotify and Yep Roc Records’ YouTube channel. Track lists for both albums as well as tour dates for 2018 are below.

Time Flies track list:

  1. Time Flies
  2. The Road is a River
  3. Violet
  4. Slow As Molasses
  5. Where the Cars Go By Fast
  6. When I Held The Cards
  7. Wearing Out Your Cool
  8. Wild On Me Fast
  9. While You’re Hoping
  10. It Blows My Mind
  11. If the World’s Still Here Tomorrow

Jim Lauderdale and Roland White track list:

  1. Forgive and Forget
  2. Gold and Silver
  3. (Stone Must Be The) Walls Built Around Your Heart
  4. Six White Horses
  5. I Might Take You Back Again
  6. Try and Catch the Wind
  7. Don’t Laugh
  8. Regrets and Mistakes
  9. February Snow
  10. (That’s What You Get) For Loving Me
  11. Gonna Lay Down My Old Guitar
  12. Nashville Blues

Jim Lauderdale 2018 tour dates:

May 19 – Hiltons, VA – Appalachia Rising @ The Carter Family Fold

May 26 – Lafayette, LA – Warehouse 535

May 29 – Nashville, TN – Honky Tonk Tuesday Nights @ The American Legion

May 31 – Nashville, TN – The Station Inn

June 29 – Chicago, IL – The Hideout

June 30 – Chicago, IL – The Hideout

July 19 – Buffalo, NY – Sportsman Tavern

July 20 – Trumansburg, NY – Trumansburg Fairgrounds

July 29 – White Sulphur Springs, MT – Jackson Ranch

August 25 – Black Mountain, NC – Pisgah Brewing Company




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