Koss KEB40 Earbud Headphones

Koss Earbud Headphones
KEB40 Insider, List Price: $29.99

The Koss KEB40 Insider in-ear monitors are perfect for anyone looking for a comfortable pair of in-ears that can take some abuse. The monitors, enclosed in an aluminum capsule, provide amazing durability. The isolation ring featured on the KEB Insiders provides a tight and deep bass response not found in many in-ear monitors. The 9mm drivers provide a dynamic frequency response (15 Hz – 20 kHz) that spans the range of human hearing, providing high quality monitoring. Koss has also included three different sizes of silicone cushions ensuring the listener can maximize isolation and minimize discomfort. The coolest feature on these in-ear monitors is the slider located on the cord to minimize excess slack and prevent tangling.

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