Learn How To Properly Set Up Your Studio Monitors With Carl Tatz MixRoom Mentor™ Blog Series

One of the crucial aspects of setting up your recording studio is to have your monitors properly tuned and finding the sweet spot for true sonic accuracy. Whether it’s a personal home studio or a world-class facility, the music will sound different and potentially suffer when it’s played in other settings.

Carl Tatz is an award-winning studio designer and monitoring expert who has just released a three-episode blog series where he shares valuable information from his nearly two decades of experience creating high-resolution mix environments. Best of all, he’s sharing his knowledge free on his website.

The Nashville-based designer is also the inventor of the industry acclaimed proprietary PhantomFocus™ Monitor System (PFMS™), which “allows any monitors to perform at maximum accuracy - in any room - with a full 20Hz-to-20KHz frequency response and pinpoint imaging in what some owners have described as a 'holographic sweet spot.' It is a new level of sonic accuracy that engenders easier, better and faster mixing that translates well in any environment.”

In other words, the sound issues you may have in your studio can potentially be solved without having to buy new monitors. Episodes One and Two, titled ‘PhantomFocus™ vs New Monitors’ focus specifically on this topic and gets deep into the science behind frequency response, console bounce and more.

Studio Designer and Monitoring Expert Carl Tatz at The Upper Deck PhantomFocus™ MixRoom in Nashville, TN

The Phantom Focus Monitor System is a pricey investment, but that doesn't mean the principles Tatz uses can’t be applied to more modest studios.

“In the past, my approach to acoustics, and monitoring in particular, had often gone against the grain of conventional approaches in the industry, and yet our client satisfaction rate continued to bat a thousand. Now we see manufacturers and audio professionals beginning to nod to some of our philosophies and teachings in their product offerings and recommendations.”

About the PhantomFocus™ Monitor System

There are approximately fifty steps in the proprietary PhantomFocus Monitor System implementation protocol, including phase alignment, system damping, speaker decoupling and isolation mounting, careful assessment of engineer/speaker placement relative to primary axial room modes, proprietary laser-calibrated speaker distancing and angle alignments, digitally-controlled crossover points and slopes for pass filtering, and, proprietary, multiband parametric equalization.

Hardware solutions can include monitor stands, concrete, Sorbothane™ and other isolation and damping materials, custom floating plenum mounts, subwoofer systems and custom digital processors. The PhantomFocus Monitor System evaluation and implementation is a full two-day process and can be applied to near-fields, mid-fields, and large soffit mounted monitors, regardless of manufacturer.

Learn more here: https://carltatzdesign.com/mixroom-mentor

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