7 Best Microphones, Wireless Mic Systems, & More {2024}

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With new mics hitting some of our favorite retailers often, we decided to highlight a couple that would be worth investing in as a musician or podcaster. These microphones are unique, and we think you'll love using them for gigs, interviews, and studio use. We also added some tried and true options from Shure, Sennheiser, and more.

We made sure to consider durable microphones that block out unwanted wind and background noise and made sure to consider all budgets as well. One of our favorites is a mic from Shure that's under $100. You don't have to break the bank on a quality live vocal mic.

Quick Summary of the Best Microphones, Wireless Mic Systems, & More

  1. Blast Mic (A Lightweight Podcasting Mic for Travelers)
  2. Lewitt W9 Wireless Condenser Microphone Capsule (A New Microphone Capsule for Studio & Stage Use)
  3. SLX-D Wireless Microphone System (A Quality Wireless Microphone System)
  4. Sennheiser e 945 Supercardioid Dynamic Vocal Microphone
  5. Shure SM58 (An Excellent Mic Under $100)
  6. Shure Beta 58A (The Best for Live Performances)
  7. Countryman E6 Omnidirectional Earset Microphone - Standard Gain with 1mm Cable and 3.5mm Connector for Sennheiser Wireless - Tan (A Quality Wireless Earset Mic)

Best Microphones, Wireless Mic Systems, & More

1. A Lightweight Podcasting Mic for Travelers – Blast Mic

The Scoop:

Imagine having an all-in-one podcast device for under $200. That's exactly what the Blast Mic is—a lightweight microphone that automatically saves audio so you can upload it to streaming platforms such as Spotify, SoundCloud, Apple Podcasts, and more. This is super convenient, especially if you don't have a computer or don't want to take it with you to podcast or interview! This would make a great gift to anyone looking to get into the podcast space.

Key Features:

This microphone has 3 audio inputs and outputs and is tripod-ready. It's also Bluetooth and WiFi-compatible. Overall, this is a great pick for journalists, TikTokers, or podcasters on the go, especially if you travel often. While TikTok and YouTube don't require crazy production value to keep viewers, it does make your life easier and makes uploading more content (which keeps viewers coming back) more efficient. Take it to festivals, sporting events, or concerts. It has 8 hours of battery life and unlimited cloud storage. Just keep in mind that a WiFi connection is required to stream.

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2. A New Microphone Capsule for Studio & Stage Use – Lewitt W9 Wireless Condenser Microphone Capsule

The Scoop:

Our friends over at Lewitt have recently released the W9 capsule—a wireless condenser capsule that can deliver studio-grade sound. It's compatible with many industry-standard transmitters (Shure, Lectrosonics, and Sony handheld wireless microphone transmitters). It's a great pick for studio and stage use.

Key Features:

The switches are all located under the mic grille to ensure they aren't activated mid-performance, and the dual-layer protection prevents unwanted wind and background noise. It has switchable cardioid and super-cardioid polar patterns so you can capture various sources with ease. Supercardioid has a tighter pickup angle, especially great if you perform with an instrument.

3. A Quality Wireless Microphone System – SLX-D Wireless Microphone System

The Scoop:

Shure's SLX-D wireless mic system is an absolute favorite for church and venue use. It's compatible with Shure's WHF wireless antenna distribution and remote antenna accessories. It's one of the best picks for reliable performance, wherever. If you're ready to ditch the cables for good and allow yourself (or others) to move freely while performing, it's time for a wireless mic system.

Key Features:

This mic system provides crystal-clear digital audio quality with a 118 dB dynamic range. It's super reliable and can handle the demand of handheld, lavalier, and headset microphones for up to 32 compatible systems per 44 Mhz band.

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4. Sennheiser e 945 Supercardioid Dynamic Vocal Microphone

The Scoop:

Sennheiser's e945 is one of the most loved handheld mics by musicians. Both men and women have praised this mic, saying their vocals are clear, smooth, and loud. It has a tight super-cardioid pickup pattern for excellent insulation from other onstage signals. One customer wrote, "I purchased this mic after owning the e865, and having to deal with constant on-stage feedback with live performers. I wanted a mic that had similar quality but more resilience to feedback. The e945 was the solution." If you're ready for a mic upgrade, consider this vocal mic. You'll use it for years. Some musicians that love Sennheiser mics are Lainey Wilson, Kelsea Ballerini, Ed Sheeran, The Vaccines, and The Wombats. (Seriously, a great variety of genres will sound great with these mics).

Key Features:

The shock-mounted capsule provides low sensitivity to impact and the hum-compensating coil reduces electrical interference. It has a durable metal construction, so let this be the vocal mic you take to gig after gig.

5. An Excellent Mic Under $100 – Shure SM58

The Scoop:

Shure mics are industry-standard mics everyone loves, and we mean everyone. Musicians, podcasters, comedians, public speakers, you get it. Their microphones are great at keeping background noise and vibration out, even if you're in a noisy stadium or club. Professionals love Shure, and so will you. It's an excellent professional-level mic for under $100.

Key Features:

The SM58 mic (SM=studio microphone) has a frequency response of 50-15,000 Hz. This mic is known for screening out unwanted noise, including wind, thanks to the spherical mesh grille and built-in pop filter. You'll feel confident using this mic in all sorts of venues. It's super durable, has crisp audio, and is affordable. If you want to be clearly heard, whether you're at a gig or in the studio, go with Shure.

6. The Best for Live Performances – Shure Beta 58A

The Scoop:

Shure's Beta 58A vocal mic is another Shure favorite amongst musicians, podcasters, and public speakers because of its brightened midrange and bass roll-off. Whether you're singing lead or background, your voice will sound full and free of background noise. Shure calls this mic a singer's best friend. Popular artists that use Shure mics are Paul McCartney and Buddy Guy.

Key Features:

The Beta 58A's neodymium magnet provides higher output levels so the sound is crystal clear and background noise isn't present. The durable mic has a hardened steel mesh grille that can stand up to sweat drips, traveling, and yes, even mic drops. If the last thing you want to worry about at a live performance is how your mic will sound, you won't regret getting a Shure Beta 58A.

7. A Quality Wireless Earset Mic – Countryman E6 Omnidirectional Earset Microphone - Standard Gain with 1mm Cable and 3.5mm Connector for Sennheiser Wireless - Tan

The Scoop:

If you're looking for a headset mic (hello pop singers and performers), consider Countryman's E6 earset mic. It's far from bulky, making it perfect for long performances. It's light and clips around your ear and not your head. So, it won't interfere with your headphones, hair, or hat. Even pastors love it, one customer wrote, "We are using this headset in our church after using lavalier mics for years. The clarity of the sound from this headset is amazing. Whether speaking loudly or in a whisper, we can understand every word. Our pastor loves it and says it's very comfortable. Expensive, but worth every bit."

Key Features:

Some nice features include the omnidirectional polar pattern, making it sensitive to sound in all directions. The high-quality mic is also super lightweight and tiny, it's almost invisible from more than 15 feet away.

Breaking Down Common Mic Patterns (The Easiest Way Possible)

  • Omnidirectional - Picks up sound in all directions, equally. This is a great mic pattern for recording or even for recording multiple people in a room.
  • Cardioid - Picks up sound directly in front of the mic. Think of a cardioid mic great for one person at a live performance.
  • Supercardioid - Picks up sound at a tighter angle than a cardioid.
  • Bidirectional- Picks up sound equally from the front and back and not the sides.

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