LP Bluetooth Mix Cajon


LP Bluetooth Mix Cajon

Adding a Cajon to your performance or recording can give songwriters a simple way to add percussive sounds when their songs call for it. It’s different than a drum set, a lot less complicated than congas, and can add a whole, folky quality to popular songs. Plus, cajons are just plain fun to play. LP’s Bluetooth Mix (1440) cajon makes some great sounds, but also has electronics and a built-in mixer that can help songwriters in a variety of rehearsal and performance situations. And it’s battery-powered as well, making it an excellent grab and go instrument and PA in one package for jamming with another person in any location.

The LP company has a history of innovation with a wide range of percussion instruments. Their latest LP1440 Cajon is no exception. It’s a high quality instrument with a built-in, portable 40-watt amplifier. That solves two problems for cajon players. It makes it easy to perform or practice your cajon parts with tracks, as well as giving you a convenient way to amplify a guitar or keyboard and a vocal collaborator. Two other things that songwriters will like are the ability to use it with Bluetooth devices to stream music from any Bluetooth-equipped device and built-in, rechargeable battery power to make your cajon playing as portable as your acoustic guitar.

At 17-3/4 in. high by 13 in. wide by 11-3/4 in. deep, the 1440’s all-birch body and soundboard makes solid classic cajon sounds with the face enhanced with an internal snare. Four rubber feet keep the box off the floor for better sound. I found it to be comfortable to play and easy to transport. The light natural finish means it looks good on stage or in your living room, but what sets this cajon apart is an integrated 2-channel, 40-watt amplifier/mixer that powers two 4-1/2 in. speakers and a 3-1/2 in. high-frequency horn. It’s not to amplify the cajon, but to make it more flexible in a variety of playing situations.

I tried out the 1440 first at home with some practice tracks and found the built-in amp worked well for learning songs. I was able to put up my playlist on my phone, connect via Bluetooth and play along. There was plenty of volume which allowed me to practice at good performance level. The amplification is basic, but all you need for practice or a small performance situation. A master control can be adjusted for the overall level of the two input channels.Channel One offers both a XLR microphone input and line-level inputs, while Channel Two has an auxiliary input and line level-input making it ideal for a duo with guitar or keyboard or to play along with tracks. Both channels have individual high and low EQ controls for basic tone control and volume knobs so you can mix the sound to your liking. All four inputs can be used simultaneously, though I didn’t try this in my test.

My practice session used the supplied AC power cord to plug into the wall, but once the built-in lithium-ion battery was charged (there is an LED charge indicator), the unit can work outdoors or anywhere without a power connection. I played for a few hours with no problem. The documentation indicates that the 1440 can run for up to 10 hours without recharging, which could be cool for a camping trip or busking or just so you don’t have to bother with the power cord.

Something to note is that while the speakers located on each side of the 1440 do a decent job, they obviously fixed in one place while you are performing. If you are playing in a crowded room or one of any size, they will not replace a PA system. For that, the LP designers of this cajon provided an XLR output jack so you can take all the inputs on the cajon to another amp or PA system. All in all, LP Bluetooth Mix Cajon is a cleverly designed unit designed from a respected drum manufacturer. Give the drummer some!

Street Price: $399.99


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