L.R. Baggs and American Songwriter Present: Cale Tyson


cale tyson
Here at American Songwriter, we love a good, sad country song. Lucky for us, former AS intern Cale Tyson is a master of that craft. Tyson recently released his second EP, Cheater’s Wine, a set of sweet and solemn songs that feature lead guitar work and backing vocals by Robert Ellis.

We teamed back up with L.R. Baggs for another live session, this time from Carter’s Vintage Guitars in Nashville. Watch Tyson perform his tracks “Traveling Man” and “Oaxaca,” with a little help from Nashville guitarist and songsmith Pete Lindberg.


Director & Editor – Mike Luckett
Camera Operator – Jim Blackstock
Camera Operator – Ben Smythe
Audio Mixer – David Brubaker
Filmed at Carter Vintage Guitars, Nashville, TN

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