1st Place
“Lost and Found”
Kristen Sullivan
Oxford, Georgia
Q&A Feature

2nd Place
“Instead of Roses”
Mary Haller
Acton, Massachusetts

3rd Place
Luke Brindley
Reston, Virginia

4th Place
“Hickory On The Fire”
John Pawlak
La Crescenta, California

Honorable Mention
“Don’t Complain If I Drink”
Bart Williams
Columbus, Mississippi

“The Key To Happiness”
Dutch Vanderpool
Somerville, Tennessee

“After The Storm”
Caroline Fotouhi
Basking Ridge, New Jersey

“That’s Not What Memories Are For”
Steve Haight
Pleasant Hill, Missouri

“Front Page News”
Gordon Glantz
Blue Bell, Pennsylvania

Megan McMilllan
Centreville, Alabama

“Mommy Needs A Timeout”
Sarah Motes Ashley
Maryville, Tennessee

“The Difference”
Drew Schroder
Tallahassee, Florida

“Died Young”
Anne Stieber
Asheville, North Carolina

“Am I Packin’?”
Gene Suttle
Pampa, Texas

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