Lyric Contest Winners: March/April 2012


1st Place
“More Than Stars”
Wes Casto
Nashville, Tennessee

2nd Place
“Paint-By-Number Country Song”
Gary Reynolds
Edmond, West Virginia

3rd Place
“Wheels On Ivy Lane”
Chris Thacker
Pineville, Louisiana

4th Place
“Paris Over Paradise”
Ricky Young
Raleigh, North Carolina

Honorable Mention

“Neopolitan Blues”
Ceci Whitehurst
Madison, Mississippi

“Whispering Girls”
Siuan McGahan
Los Angeles, California

“Unhappy Birthday”
Bill Holcomb
Birmingham, Alabama

“He Sang Your Cheating Heart”
Joyce Whitelaw
Marshall, Arkansas

“From Hank To Dylan”
Wes Hanner
Savoy, Illinois

“Don’t Tell Lies”
Mike Leech
Fairfax, Vermont

“Hurricane Caroline”
Nicolette Good
San Antonio, Texas

“Let Me Down”
Mark Cole
Gloucester, Gloucestershire, United Kingdom

“Sweet Dreams Abilene”
Skylar Brownfield
Charlottesville, Virginia

“Bar Star”
M.J. Sinay
San Antonio, Texas

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