Martin 1 Series OM-1

Videos by American Songwriter

Videos by American Songwriter

LIST PRICE: $1199.00

D-1_perspectiveThe Martin Orchestra Model or OM-1 is the company’s latest effort in making their prestigious instruments more affordable to the general public. With its solid sitka spruce top and sapele sides and back, the Martin OM-1 fills the air with a very earthy and round balanced tone that will lie perfectly underneath the voice. The light satin finish lets the guitar sing and breathe through the wood and project without the need of electronics, although they can be added at the factory if requested. It’s the ideal shape and construction for the thumb-stylist enthusiast and songwriter alike. Martin has given us other affordable choices with their triple-aught and DCX series, and now the OM series lets guitarists with modest incomes deliver their craft whilst enhancing and embracing it with the classic Martin sound. What you save on the price of the guitar might be put towards a few extra boxes of Martin strings, because, when they lose their shine on this particular model, it begins to lose a lot of its projection and characteristic balance. Undoubtedly, anyone who enjoys playing guitar will find the Martin OM-1 an appealing companion.

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