Daily Discovery: Mercury Slim Releases Reassuring Single, “Polka Dot Shoes”


Anyone who has even flirted with the idea of getting into the music industry knows the hardships that come with it. There’s long hours, no pay, and lots of days where you might just feel like packing up and going back home. This sometimes gives cities like Los Angeles and Nashville, who are known for the talented musicians they produce, a gloomy feeling of hopelessness. LA-based artist Mercury Slim decided to combat this gloominess by writing about it. This turned into his newest single “Polka Dot Shoes.”

To add to the overwhelming pressure of being a musician, Mercury also felt a sense of sorrow when it came to the current state of the world. “This song came about after feeling really bummed out about the current state of the world and divisive, regressive politics as well as the harming of the environment. I was feeling it heavy, and everyone I would meet was feeling it and I could sense that in some way we’re all struggling in our own way, some more than others.” This new track tackles this uncertainty with soothing lyrics and Mercury’s unique sound mixtures of folk, R&B and even some country & western tendencies in the intro.

“Polka Dot Shoes” was recorded, engineered, mixed and co-produced with Jon Gilbert (Mt. Joy, The Kills, Adam Melchor) in his studio in Pasadena. Just by listening, fans will instantly hear the purity and organic nature that is a staple in Mercury Slim’s music. Mercury ultimately wants fans to take away a sense of courage from “Polka Dot Shoes.” “I’d like people to feel reassured that no matter what they are going through, they can rise above it. I’d also like people to take away whatever it is that the song says to them, and that is between the art and them.” Music has a way of transforming lives and healing any wounds one may have and “Polka Dot Shoes” accomplishes that perfectly.

Whether you’re a musician struggling to make ends meet or you’re simply just tired of the divisive climate we live in today, “Polka Dot Shoes” is a great song to reset your mind. This is just a teaser as to what’s coming ahead for Mercury Slim. His debut album ‘Love In A Time Of Dystopia’ is set to release later this year. To stay up to date on Mercury Slim and his musical journey, visit him on mercslim.wixsite.com/mysite.

“Polka Dot Shoes” is available on streaming sites everywhere.

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