MXR Micro Amp Guitar Pedal

Videos by American Songwriter

Videos by American Songwriter


Street Price: $120

The MXR Micro Amp has long been a favorite in the boost pedal market. It’s a basic and effective box that highlights the simplicity that guitarists love — one knob adds more gain! Now, through the MXR Custom Shop, the Micro Amp gets a new brother — the Micro Amp Plus. This new pedal adds Bass and Treble knobs for more tonal flexibility while keeping the classic gain circuitry of the original pedal.

The Micro Amp Plus features three controls: Gain, Bass and Treble. It’s gain stage of up to +26dB clean boost acts not as a truly clean boost. That is, it doesn’t make your signal louder, but it brings in a touch of transparent grit along with some volume boost.

I was able to dial in a Rolling Stones-esque overdrive by running the Micro Amp Plus into a clean amp. With the bass and treble controls, you can dial in the pedal to achieve greater transparency, or give the boost a flavor of its own. Running the pedal into an overdriven amp, tonal integrity is preserved and clarity of the guitar’s signal is anything but masked. With the bass at 9:00, treble at noon and gain at 3:00, I found a great setting for a cut-through-the-mix solo tone, while not as irreversibly drastic as a TS-style boost.

The MXR Micro Amp Plus is small enough to fit on any pedalboard. Fine-tuning tone tweakers will have fun with this one as it serves as a perfect flavor of boost, but its ease of use offers appeal to a wide variety of players.

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