New Gear: Cooperstand Works On Stage And On The Go

List Price: $59.99

Winner of the “Best In Show” award at the 2010 Summer NAMM show in Nashville, Cooperstand is a simple solution to the on-stage instrument stand problem. I thought the Fender Case Stand, which folds out of a standard Strat-style rectangular guitar case into a seven-guitar stand, was a pretty unique idea, but Cooperstand takes size and portability up another notch. With four easy folds, the Cooperstand transforms into a tiny box, which often will fit into an acoustic guitar case’s interior accessory compartment. Two ledges, one more appropriate for an electric instrument and a wider one for acoustics, hold the guitar in place. As Chris Hillman attests on Cooperstand’s website, he has no problems fitting his smaller mandolin on the stand, though a jumbo-sized guitar was a little wobbly in our test. The closed cell neoprene padding is nice, and won’t allow the instrument to slip, though I wonder whether it will hold up over time, or start to wear and sag off the wood. The Nashville-based manufacturers of this innovative new guitar stand are definitely on to something.


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