Orange Amplification Releases New Acoustic Pedal

Orange Amplification adds more quality gear certain to appeal to the acoustic player with the release of their new Acoustic Pedal. And they’ve got an in-depth assessment from guitarist extraordinaire Doyle Dykes, who walks through its features and performs some amazing licks to highlight its sounds.

Orange previously released the Acoustic Pre TC preamp and the Crush Acoustic 30 portable amplifier (see our review here). The new, versatile Acoustic Pedal draws from their experience designing those two products for acoustic players.

Orange Acoustic Pedal (top view)

The Orange Acoustic Pedal is a single ended, Class A Acoustic Preamp, with a Full Parametric Midrange / Notch Filter and a Buffered FX Loop offering total tonal control, low noise and ultra-transparent. The pedal can be connected directly to a P.A with its balanced XLR output and can be used simultaneously with the additional ¼’ mono jack for the ultimate flexibility.

Design-wise, the pedal features a low-noise JFET circuit design which reduces low levels of background noise, without hiss.  The pedal is powered by 18-volts, allowing for high headroom and a clean, clear acoustic tone. A notch-controlled EQ allows players to sculpt their sound and tackle feedback, while a buffered Send/Return FX Loop offers acoustic players flexibility for effects pedal options. The fixed Bass and Treble knobs provide control of the ‘body’ and ‘sparkle’ of an instrument.

Orange Amps Acoustic Pedal (rear view)

Visit the Orange website for more info:

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