Photos: Hot New Gear From Day 3 of NAMM

Videos by American Songwriter

Videos by American Songwriter

It is easy to separate the one day visitors from those that have endured the previous two (or in the case of those who set up the show, five) days of NAMM; the one day visitors have a spring in their step.

Those that have endured the last few days tend to have hoarse voices from trying to talk over the floor noise of the Anaheim Convention Center (which during NAMM is about the equivalent of a jet engine at full throttle), blurry eyes from all the late night activities in the surrounding clubs where big names and those hoping to soon show off their talents play, and sagging shoulders from … well, just the weight of it all.

More than one day is needed to get the scope of the entire show. More than one day was almost needed to get from one end of the convention center to another with the crowded aisles of Friday and Saturday. An estimated 90,000 people are expected to attend the show by the time it’s all over.

There was still much to discover on day three, even if it was harder to make it from booth to booth and harder to focus with blurry eyes.

The Framus Hollywood guitar features the distinctive retro style of their guitars from the 60’s.

Albert Lee’s signature model Music Man now comes in a version with 3 P-90 pickups.

Vox re-introduced the classic Phantom body styles on the Apache travel guitars with built-in amp, speakers and rhythm generator.

Here is a nifty looking LO-16-BK on display at the Loar booth.

Palatino’s Billy Bass is flat black and features a cutaway.

The Luna Trinity Parlor guitar has a Celtic inspired soundhole design and a graceful cutaway body.

Inlay detail on a beautiful Martin.

Peavey’s Composite Acoustics, such as this Cargo model, are made from synthetic material that allows for unique features, such as this neck joint body contour.

Fender’s Mustang Floor multi-effects brings their legendary amp sounds into a programmable foot pedal.

Craviotto introduced the classy looking Highball cocktail drum set.

With 12 strings and a short 15 inch scale length, the Duesenberg Mandola allows guitarist to venture into mandolin territory.

Schecter used vintage design as the inspiration for the TSH-1

Here’s a trio of Native American straps from Levy’s.

Cordoba’s Guilele allows guitarists to instantly jump aboard the ukulele trend.

There is absolutely no doubt that country guitarists will love Washburn’s Forrest Lee Jr. model guitar: An acoustic with a B bender!



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