Highlights from Winter NAMM (Day 2)

Gretsch expanded their affordable Electromatic line with three models, including the single cutaway G5620T-CB and the double cutaway G5622T-CB shown here in three colors the models are offered. Not shown is the smaller bodied G5655T-CB. All three models feature center block construction for feedback reduction. These models also feature a new take on Gretsch’s classic HiLo’Tron pickup.
One of the most innovative products of NAMM 2014 is the ROLI Seaboard controller. In place of typical keys, the Seaboard has a ridged silicone pad in the familiar layout that gives under the pressure of the player’s fingers. After a note is triggers, vibrato can be added by the player moving their finger side to side just as a violin player would…and this is just the tip of the iceberg what this amazing controller can do.

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