Pi Jacobs Describes New Single “Rearview” As Her ‘Bluesy Rock Thing’


Singer songwriter Pi Jacobs releases a new video in the fashion of a “bluesy rock thing,” as she calls it.  Jacobs sound is just that, mixing takes of blues, rock and americana creating a sultry, feminine, outlaw kind of sound. Her new single, “Rearview,” is off her upcoming album Two Truths and a Lie out February 21 by way of Travianna Records. 

For Two Truths and a Lie, Jacobs turned her focus both inward and outward.  She found inspiration in characters, both fictional and historic women who have rallied against their own inner demons, injustice and violence.

“‘Rearview’ is about having to make a run for it,” she said. “Having had that experience, I remember vividly wanting to be stronger, tougher, more super-human than I was, so it was a cathartic and fun to play a super-bad spy and woman in control. 

“You’ll note that what I’m running away from is different versions of myself – women that made choices that no longer suited me.  Perhaps having choices and exercising them is the real super-hero power.” 

“Rearview” is just a glimpse into the genres Jacobs experimented with while writing Two Truths and a Lie.  The new record was co-produced by Jacobs and Travianna Records President Mark Hodges and features Butch Norton, Adam Hall and Zach Hall. The project was mixed by Dexter Simmons who has engineered for pop symbols Michael Jackson and Beyonce.  

Armed with such a diverse team in the studio, Jacobs explains how she is constantly evolving, tinkering with her abilities and finding different influences as an artist.  

“It’s an interesting blend of sounds,” said Jacobs.  “It rocks, but it’s got plenty of dobro, too. With every album, I try to do something new, while also incorporating whatever material is influencing me at the time. When I released my first record in 2001, it was a poppy record that was influenced by beats.  In a way, I’ve come full circle and in many other ways, I’m still uncovering new ground.”

Parallel to the story behind “Rearview” Jacobs is a transient soul by nature, traveling frequently.  She is a California native and grew up in the Haight-Ashbury area of San Francisco and recalls moving between different “hippie” communities in her youth.  

She was finally recognized for her talents in 2016 when she signed with Travianna Records/Mountain Fever Group, a fitting label based in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia.  Her management deal followed in 2017 when she recorded her debut album A Little Blue.  Jacobs also spends a great deal of time touring in the US and Europe.  

Jacobs is currently in the middle of a US tour and you can catch her next show in New Orleans at the International Folk Alliance Conference. 

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