Positive Grid: 5 Cyber Week Sales We Love

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Videos by American Songwriter

Investing in your craft can be pricey, so naturally, you want gear that’s super versatile. You’ll definitely get the best bang for the buck with Positive Grid’s Spark. And even better, for the next couple of days, it’s on sale. The deals don’t end there, though. Below are more (heavily) discounted deals you can’t miss.

1. Spark Amp Bundle (30% Off)

This is the ultimate practice amp for beginner and experienced players. The 40-Watt amp offers room-filling sound and smart features like Smart Jam Live (a virtual band packed with four awesome drummers), auto chords (import songs from Spotify or Apple Music to play along to), 10,000+ tones, and more. Imagine how much better you’ll be in a month after taking advantage of these features.

Use code PGBF10 for 30% off.

positive grid spark

2. Spark Mini ($40 Off)

This packable amp is perfect for musicians on the go or for anyone with a small at-home studio space. The 10-Watt amp is small, but still offers powerful sound for practice. With 8 hours of battery life, you’ll have plenty of time to jam out on the road or at a friend’s house. And yes, you can use it with keyboards and a mic with an adapter. Complete with features of the original Spark, you’ll have a blast with all of the effects.

positive grid spark

3. RIFF Guitar Interface ($110 Off)

Connect RIFF to your computer or smartphone with the included USB cable for a collection of 50,000+ tones, amps, pedals, and effects. Practice and home recording have never been better. Get it today for $69.

positive grid spark riff interface

4. Spark Control ($20 Off)

Spark control lets you control the app and various settings. It’s compatible with the Spark app, so if you’re a big fan of using the app, it makes sense to use this footswitch. It’s loaded with presets for practice and allows you to start, pause, and stop music.

positive grid spark control footswitch

5. BIAS Guitar Software (50% Off)

Access classic and modern amps and effects with BIAS FX 2 guitar software. It’s compatible with Mac, PC, and iOS for a customizable guitar and bass rig. With Smart Looper and presets from world-renowned artists and engineers, you’ll have plenty to work with for songwriting and jamming. Get BIAS FX 2 today for $49.50.

positive grid spark BIAS fx 2 software

**All products are independently chosen by American Songwriter editors. Purchases you make through our links may earn us a commission.

**All products are independently chosen by American Songwriter editors. Purchases you make through our links may earn us a commission.

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