PreSonus Ampire High Density Pack Adds State Space Modeled High-Gain Amps and Stompers to Ampire Plug-in

PreSonus Ampire High Density Pack-Pea65

Guitarists looking to add high gain boost to their amp modeling sound library will want to check out the new PreSonus® Ampire High Density Pack.

The first Add-on for Ampire, PreSonus’ acclaimed amp modeling and effects plug-in, includes a carefully curated collection of three State Space Modeled iconic amps and six unique stompbox effects. You’ll also receive three impulse-response-based cabinet models to match each amp. Presonus states ‘State Space Modeling is a mathematical method of transferring each component of an analog circuit into the digital domain, while maintaining the unique sonic characteristics of the original hardware.’

PreSonus Ampire High Density Pack-Pea65

According to PreSonus, the new amp models include: Metal Machine +, a high-gain British tube amp with 120 watts of raw power across two channels; Painapple #4, an all-tube British amp featuring a three-band EQ and four stages of high gain; and the Gazoline EMC2, a versatile German amp with two channels and a three-way mode switch.

The six new State Space Modeled pedal effects are compatible with both Ampire and Pedalboard plug-ins and include Blue EQ, a versatile 10-band graphic EQ; Wildrive, a screaming overdrive to create heavy, crunchy tones and harmonics; Dual Comp, a British rarity with a cult following among bassists around the globe; Space Reverb, a boutique classic with a unique shimmer that has made it a favorite among guitarists and Ambient synth fans alike; Pitch Shifter, a Canadian favorite most popular for its dramatic “dive bomb” effect; and Demolition Drive, the perfect overdrive for extended low range players.

PreSonus Ampire High Density Pack Painapple

Ampire High Density Pack is compatible with the latest generation Ampire plug-in included in Studio One® 5.1.1 or later, as well as the VST3/AU/AAX edition, and is available for a U.S. street price of $39.95 from the PreSonus Shop at

PreSonus Ampire High Density Pack EMC2

PreSonus Sphere members receive Ampire High Density Pack as part of their membership. In addition to this new Add-on, PreSonus Sphere members also get access to exclusive presets and FX chains from Steve Stine, Sparkles* (Area 11), and Paddy (NASTY!) through PreSonus Sphere’s exclusive Featured Artist portal–with more added all the time.

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