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July/August 2016 Memphis Issue


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American Songwriter Magazine: Issue Volume 32 No. 5.

Hayes, an untrained but deeply talented musician who had found steady work as a songwriter at Stax Records in Memphis, watched as the news report explained that black business owners had been spraypainting the word soul on their buildings to let the demonstrators know not to break those windows. Hayes recounts the story in Robert Gordon’s essential history Respect Yourself: Stax Records and the Soul Explosion: “I realized the word soul keeps them from burning up their establishments. Wow, soul. Soul. Soul man.” The phrase stuck in Hayes’ head, and he mentioned it to his songwriting partner, David Porter. Together, they crafted one of the biggest r&b hits of the decade — of the century, even — based on that one word and all that it represented. (From the cover story)

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