2018 September/October



Since the release of his debut album in 2006, Eric Church has charted one of the more interesting careers in modern country music. A North Caroline native who moved to Music City after earning a marketing degree at Appalachian State, Church continues to evolve as an artist with each successive release.

On October 5, Church will release a new album, titled “Desperate Man.” The record follows his 2015 collection “Mr. Misunderstood,” and is his sixth full-length studio release. Longtime Church collaborator Jay Joyce produced the album.

Church is a music lover first and foremost, and his live shows rely as much on the bombast of AC/DC as they do on the country stylings of Waylon and Willie. For an exclusive cover story, we sit down with one of Nashville’s most subversive artists and chat about his writing methods and how he plans to continue walking the tightrope between art and commerce.