Propellerhead Software Launches A Global Collaborative


Photo courtesy of Propellerhead
Photo courtesy of Propellerhead

Leading Music Software Developer Plans To Open Music Making To All With New Social Network Tool

Propellerhead Interface To Be Integrated Into Existing Mobile Applications and Other Tools

Los Angeles, CA (June 1, 2015): Propellerhead Software, a leading creator of music software applications and technology standards, today announced the launch of a brand new social networking platform—Propellerhead. Available beginning today on iOS and desktop devices, Propellerhead utilizes the medium of music-making to connect users on a global scale, allowing consumers to upload original music and build on other users’ original content.

Watch the Propellerhead teaser here:

How It Works:

  • CREATE an original piece of music on the Propellerhead mobile app or online platform – sing, strum, rap, tap, or make full songs on Propellerhead’s clean, user-friendly interface
  • SHARE by uploading the original content onto the Propellerhead server, allowing users around the world to listen and engage with your music
  • DISCOVER other users’ original music and play around with it – remix, overlay sounds, edit, or add vocals – creating brand new and collaborative original content, which can be re-uploaded onto the Propellerhead platform

The Propellerhead application program interface (API) can be integrated into existing mobile and desktop applications, allowing for companies to utilize the software to build on and add collaboration functionality to their music making software.

“The new Propellerhead tools are just one of the many ways we’re encouraging creative types across the globe and emboldening the collaborative art of music-making,” said Doug Provisor, SVP of Sales and Marketing. “This wholly inclusive and collective endeavor is accessible across the globe on a range of devices – smartphones ,computers, and tablets – allowing creativity to flourish wherever and whenever inspiration hits.”

Propellerhead Software is the creative mind and developer behind Reason, the wildly popular digital audio workstation software, music tech mobile apps ReBirth, Figure, Take, and Thor, and desktop application ReCycle. ThePropellerhead social platform will be available on iPhone and Android phones and accessible on web browsers starting June 1.

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