Review: Blue Spark Digital Condenser Microphone

Videos by American Songwriter

Videos by American Songwriter


The Blue Spark Digital condenser microphone brings all of the great features from the original Spark microphone and adds USB and Lightning connectivity for use with computers and iOS devices for an extremely versatile recording solution whether you’re at your home studio, or on the go.

The Spark Digital is a condenser microphone with a cardioid polar pattern that comes with a beautifully designed and extremely functional desktop shock mount, thereby eliminating the need for a microphone stand. The mount is easy to adjust and allows for a surprising amount of adjustment, as it will actually adjust a full 360 degrees when tilting the microphone. Additionally, the mount performs well in its ability to absorb vibrations and eliminate noise from recordings. Also included are a storage bag and two cables; one lightning and one USB. The design of the cables is brilliant. One end plugs into the microphone, and the other plugs into your mobile device or computer, while headphone jack splits off from the cable.  It’s simple, but because the microphone has a built-in audio interface, this splitter is the perfect solution.

The interface on the mic is equally as intuitive, and includes just 2 buttons. One button is a 2-position toggle switch that allows for turning on/off “Focus Mode.”  With Focus off, the Spark Digital picks up more low frequency information, and with Focus on, low frequencies are cut, and clarity and detail are improved. So whether you’re recording vocals for a podcast, or a big Gibson J-45, you’ll be able to capture either accurately. The second button controls everything else. You can mute/un-mute the microphone by tapping the button, and you can adjust the microphone gain or headphone volume by depressing the button and using the indicator lights to adjust.

While a seasoned engineer would be more than happy with this microphone, the ease of setting it up and controlling it makes it appealing to just about anyone needing a recording solution. The Spark Digital easily beats the microphone on your phone for recording song ideas, and is so versatile in its ability to capture a wide range of instruments that it could be used for much more than that. Podcasters and online classroom lecturers would be hard pressed to find a better microphone, or a better value, for their needs. And as we’ve come to expect from Blue Microphones, the Spark Digital is a beautiful microphone with a solid build quality that’s sure to impress anyone who sees it, or hears what it can do.

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