Review: Elixir HD Light Guitar Strings

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Elixir HD Light Guitar Strings
As songwriters and performing guitarists, we are all searching for acoustic guitar strings that sound great, play well and last. We generally find something that works for us and stick with it. Over the years I’ve had my favorites, but I’d heard enough guitar manufacturers and respected luthiers recommending Elixir strings with NANOWEB coating that I figured they were worth looking into. I tried the new HD light strings Phosphor Bronze and found that they lived up to all expectations.

The HD light string pack contains .013” E, .017” B, .025” G, .032” D, .042” A and .053” low E steel strings. Each is coated with NANOWEB ultra thin coating to protect from rust. The high E and B strings are plain steel with a specially designed wound G that bridges high and low strings. The Elixir packaging promised a ‘bolder high end’ and ‘fuller low end’ and I found both statements to be true. Of course, a change to new strings always sounds better, but a noticeable difference from my former favorite strings was that the high notes, in addition to being brighter, had better articulation.

Elixir strings are not the most inexpensive strings at the music store, but consider if you are willing to spend more to make your guitar sound its best. Personally, I’m pleased with the change and the playability of the new HD light strings across the fretboard. That’s worth a lot to me. Elixirs sound great and have a smooth and solid feel that I’m hoping the NANOWEB coating will preserve. Longer life for my strings means fewer string changes and that saves me time and money. I’m anxious to see if the Elixirs can make a difference on my other guitars, as well.

Bottom line here is that if you haven’t tried Elixir strings, especially these new HD Phosphor Bronze, you should seriously consider giving them a shot. They might cost a bit more than ‘average’ guitar strings, but most of us are looking for our guitars to sound and play better than ‘average’. There’s a reason that guitar professionals are choosing Elixir strings. They really do make a difference.

MSRP $30.00

Street Price $13.95


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