Gear Review: Eventide Anthology XII Bundle

If you follow these pages, you know I’m a fan of Eventide’s plugins and use them in sessions regularly. To me, they are essential for getting a professional, polished sound in your mixes. Eventide has thoughtfully released everything they make, yes everything, in the new Anthology Bundle XII. I’ve purchased many of these on their own over the years and can't imagine working without them, but with a sale street price of $799 (usually $1999) for the entire bundle, it’s an unreal value. I’m sure I've spent close to that on individual Eventide software purchases over the years. To me, this is a steal.

Included are even their latest offerings like the Split EQ and many more. Key to the package for songwriters is the inclusion of the software emulations of their most recent pedal releases like the Ultratap Delay, Micropitch, Blackhole Reverb, Tricera Chorus, and on and on. It’s virtually a full production workstation at your fingertips. Just about everything you could find in an H9 pedal is available here as software. Brilliant.

I rely on the EQ Channel, compressors, reverbs, and modulation regularly. They define the “pro” sound to me. In fact, there are many cases in which nothing else quite does the trick like the Eventide plugins. The presets on each plugin are among the best in the industry. These aren’t just starting points thrown together haphazardly like with some other brands. These are actually the customized final choices of big-time mixers and engineers and they just work. Rarely do I put an Eventide plugin on a track and it doesn’t immediately give me something. They are extremely well-tuned and time-tested, with excellent emulations of the hardware they are based on. I find I generally work faster and better with these plugins. They are high resolution, have terrific graphics, and aren’t overly complicated.

There are 33 plugins in total in this package so a lot to dig into but not enough to overwhelm. I really appreciate the diversity in the reverb and modulation collection, the accuracy of the EQs, and the all-purpose flexibility of the compression. But there’s even some stuff in this bundle to make you stretch your boundaries and blaze new trails by warping audio if you choose. Of course, their now legendary harmonizers are included as well.

It’s a pretty sweet deal when you consider the scope of the Anthology XII. If I could only choose 3 or 4 bundles and nothing else for my home studio, this would certainly be at the top of the list. Find out more HERE.

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