Review: G7th Newport Capo

With their innovative Newport Capo, G7th seems to have found the perfect balance between the convenience of a quick-change capo and the foolhardiness of a screw action capo. This low profile capo “allows for fast, accurate capoing with fine tune adjustment – in position – on the fretboard of your instrument.” The Newport has the standard lever found on quick-change capos, so you can get it on the right fret in no time, but it adds a screw so you can perfectly adjust the capo’s pressure to your fretboard’s radius. This ensures easy, one-handed operation without the buzz that plagues many “easier” models. The Newport also uses a minimal amount of rubber, which means that your chords will ring true and your single notes will sustain as if the capo weren’t there. It's also light as a feather, with no noticeable weight added to your guitar’s neck, while its low profile stays out of the way of your fretting hand when playing open chords. I placed The Newport on the first fret to play the open chords from the Fleet Foxes’ “He Doesn’t Know Why,” and then went up to the fifth fret to play Jeff Buckley’s “Hallelujah.” The change took less than ten seconds (I timed it) and the capo applied perfect pressure in both positions. It stayed out of my way even when playing an E-minor shape for “He Doesn’t Know Why,” while the single note lines from “Hallelujah,” came off buzz free and in tune at every fret. G7th’s Newport Capo will be available starting on August 22 for $39.99, with a free lifetime warranty, but you can go ahead and pre-order it from their website here (

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