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Videos by American Songwriter

Videos by American Songwriter

Nylon guitars add a special sound to music. Some songs and styles just don’t sound right on anything else. There are many great classical nylon guitars, but fewer fine modern designs for this great instrument. So when one comes along, it gets noticed. That was the original Godin Multiac. The updated version, the Godin Multiac Nylon Deluxe, is now available with features that make it attractive to songwriters and performers who love that warm nylon tone and want to be able to use it on stage.

The new Multiac Nylon Deluxe retains the classic Godin look and many of the design aspects of the original Multiac Nylon, including a two-chambered mahogany body and a solid spruce top. Together, these provide both favorable acoustic properties for playing live and enhance this Multiac’s performance when electronics are engaged. The guitar has the clean Godin appearance with a mild cut-away, natural wood body style enhanced with a simple gloss finish. In fact, the simple, clean appearance of this guitar belies its true potential to create a rich nylon sound for recording or on stage—even under the most demanding conditions.

A mahogany neck features a 22-fret length fingerboard with a 16” radius. If you are not a classical guitarist and used to a completely flat fretboard, you’ll likely find Godin’s 16” radius to be friendly, with the same feel as many acoustic guitars. This makes it the ideal guitar to switch over to for that song that calls for a nylon sound. The fingerboard, bridge, and tailpiece are fashioned of richlite, a durable and highly sustainable material made from resin-infused paper that is an ideal replacement for ebony and hardwood parts. 

Where the Multiac Nylon Deluxe gets really interesting is with its onboard electronics. Just having a nylon guitar with an onboard preamp is very useful, but the advanced control provided on this guitar’s custom-voiced LR Baggs electronics and a blended mic and pickup configuration means that you’ll be able to find the sound you’re looking for with this instrument, perhaps more than any other nylon guitar without a significant amount of outboard gear.

The use of the LR Baggs electronics compliments the guitar’s natural acoustic capabilities, allowing the player to blend sounds captured with a built-in Lyric mic and output from six individual saddle transducers. Players have full control of tone and volume control via a three-band EQ, master volume slider, phase switch, saturation slider, and a built-in mic. A unique feature of this design is the Lyric pickup which is optimally placed under the soundboard to capture both the natural sound of the guitar and each rhythmic vibration of the soundboard. If you have a percussive right-hand technique, having the detail of the soundboard in the mix can make it shine. For tonal clarity, six individual sensors mounted in the bridge pick up the sound of each string. Both Lyric mic and distributed bridge pickup promise a great sound, but the real power of this guitar is the ability to conveniently mix the two sound sources and sweeten them with the custom preamp. That’s what makes the Multiac Nylon Deluxe a very versatile guitar, useful for many playing styles and situations.

The Godin Multiac Nylon Deluxe comes strung with an HTC nylon string set and gig bag.

Price: $1,959.00

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