Review: MasterWriter Software Version 3.0

masterwriter A popular topic at songwriting seminars is organization. Without it, many potentially successful songwriters can make only slow progress towards finishing songs, good lyrics will languish in disparate fragments and frustration will cause many songwriters to quit with a trail of unfinished songs scrawled on napkins and buried in notebooks. Enter MasterWriter web-based software, a 21st-century tool for all writers that can help you organize your thoughts, do research and store your work. MasterWriter's main purpose is to help you to be more creative by being organized and putting writing tools at your fingertips. With this software, you can make each song or group of songs a project. Among many helpful features is the ability to search for words in your projects. There is also an audio recorder to record song fragments. Of course, this is not recording software to multi-track a demo, but it works quickly to document musical ideas along with your lyrics. MasterWriter is extremely easy to use and comes with features that work for all writers (MasterWriter has a version for creative writers, as well as songwriters). Built into the software is American Heritage Dictionary (4th edition), but more importantly words are grouped into word families, synonyms, phrases, rhythms, definition and alliterations.  You can also filter your findings by word types, parts of speech or number of syllables. You can filter rhymes this way, too.  If you happen to be stuck for a place to start, just pick a noun and look at phrases. Creative writers can jump-start ideas this way. MasterWriter has a simple interface and navigation is pretty intuitive. Just by searching on a word, you can click through word families, synonyms, phrases, rhythms, definition and alliterations without having to retype anything. In lyric writing mode, the screen splits so that your project is on the left and your searches can be on the right. You can cut and paste words or phrases as you find them and more. Since this software is web-based, it is accessible anywhere and on many different devices. It also gives the user an immediate connection to a vast store of information on people, places and things, including Wikipedia entries. However, you will need an Internet or WIFI connection whenever you want to use MasterWriter software. Your work is automatically saved online in projects (you don't have to remember to do it), but there doesn't appear to be a way to back-up or have a local copy your work. Masterwriter software has help option that is always on your screen to help you learn more about its features. The help button takes you directly to an online help guide that is split into categories, including a video tutorial to help visual learners. The quick start guide is also available online at and is a good introduction to the product. While software may not be a fit for every songwriter's creative process, if you need something to organize your writing and keep you on track, Masterwriter software can help. With features to pull your lyrics and song ideas together into projects, you can be more productive and get to the next level of your songwriting craft. The ability to split the screen in Masterwriter, to make notes and capture audio clips with your lyrics in full view, can really help keep you stay focused. Frankly, just having a rhyming dictionary and a platform to transform your fleeting creative moments into projects would be worth the price for many. The cost of MasterWriter software is $9.95 for a month license, $99 for one year and $149 for a two-year license.

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