Jill Andrews, “Rust Or Gold”

Jill Andrews “Rust or Gold” Rating: 3.5 Stars out of 5 With the slow, opening chimes of piano on Jill Andrews’ “Rust Or Gold,” there’s a sense that the song could take the listener down one of two paths — it could … Continued

Sean Watkins Announces 2015 Tour Dates

Following a string of sold out dates with a reunited Nickel Creek, founding member/guitarist Sean Watkins is setting out on a solo tour in 2015 in support of his album All I Do Is Lie. All I Do Is Lie … Continued

Daily Discovery: Leah Nobel, “Ride The Butterfly”

ARTIST: Leah Nobel SONG: ‘Ride The Butterfly’ BIRTHDATE: 2/21/89 HOMETOWN: Phoenix, Arizona CURRENT LOCATION: Austin, Texas AMBITIONS: To make a living doing the creative work that I love. Specifically songwriting. However, I also dream of doing voice work for cartoons, … Continued

The Black Lillies: Runaway Road Warriors

Finding a relatively quiet space to conduct an interview during a music festival can be daunting, but conducting an interview of five people, in this scenario the Knoxville, Tennessee-based Americana favorites The Black Lillies, is a remarkable challenge, only because … Continued

7908′ Aspen Songwriters Festival Announces Debut Lineup

From the press release: ASPEN, CO—July 15, 2010 — The lineup of talent for the first annual 7908’ THE ASPEN SONGWRITERS FESTIVAL have been announced. The following list of artist/songwriters will perform at the four-day festival (September 16-19, 2010) which … Continued