Neil Young: Live at the Cellar Door

Neil Young Live at the Cellar Door (Reprise) Rating: 3 out of 5 stars Stream the album The scene is a tiny room in Washington, D.C. called the Cellar Door. Throughout the ’60s and ’70s, artists like Tom Waits and … Continued

2011 Cover Story: Neil Young, Love And War

Happy 68th birthday to Neil Young… long may he run. Enjoy our 2011 Q&A with the legendary songwriter. Serious, intense, with hooded blue-gray eyes that always seem capable of pinning you to the wall, Neil Young looks like a man … Continued

Neil Young Revisits 1970 With Live At The Cellar Door

On December 10, Neil Young will release Live At The Cellar Door, the latest album in his ongoing Archive Series, via Reprise Record. The album collects highlights from Young’s six-night stand at The Cellar Door club in Washington D.C. between … Continued

They Might Be Giants On Nanobots, Neil Young And Gak

They Might Be Giants’ new album Nanobots boasts 25 songs in 45 minutes, an impressive feat for the duo’s sixteenth album. American Songwriter sat down with singer/guitarist John Flansburgh before the band’s show in Nashville to talk about Nanobots, the band’s … Continued

Great Quotations: Neil Young

“We’ll go around the world, and then be back in the US next spring and summer. There’s a lot of areas to cover, places that aren’t right on the head of the pin but are still worthy places to play. … Continued

Neil Young: Psychedelic Pill

Neil Young & Crazy Horse Psychedelic Pill (Reprise) Rating: 3.5 stars Like a mustang on the loose, it’s been difficult to contain Neil Young and Crazy Horse in the past year. Earlier in 2012, they released Americana, in which they … Continued

The Neil Young Twitterview

In anticipation of his 35th studio album Psychedelic Pill , Neil Young took to Twitter today to take questions from his fans. Which meant the occasional one word answer, a couple of jokes, and even a question from himself. Read … Continued