September/October 2015 4th Place | “We Can Still Dance”


4th Place
“We Can Still Dance”
Jeff Montgomery
Houston, Texas

Theyre taking us, Daisy
Down the hall to the room
Where the young folks come visit
And play us some tunes

Maybe theyll play us 
Some songs that we know
By Sinatra, or Ella
Or Nat King Cole

Remember when, Daisy
We were light on our feet
Id twirl you and swirl you
To the big band beat

Though our moves arent as smooth
As they were way back then
I can still hold you close
And we can pretend


We can still dance
We can still cut a fine rug
We can dance
Though it might be a slow jitterbug
We can dance
Maybe not quite as smooth as before
Though the years are advancing
Remember that
We can still dance

Thinking back, Daisy
Just after the war
The Duke and Glenn Miller
Got us out on the floor

My oversized zoot suit
Your sweater and shoes
We made quite the couple
Had all the right moves

(Repeat chorus)

In my mind were still seventeen
Floating with the girl of my dreams
We dance from cloud one to cloud nine
Forever, as if by design

Theyre taking us, Daisy
Down the hall to our room
The dance steps are fading
Along with the tunes

But I can still tuck you in
Under my chin
And move just a little
When the music begins

(Repeat chorus)

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