Seymour Duncan Antiquity P-90 Pickup Review: The Best P90 Pickup Replica?

Original Gibson P90 pickups are legendary for their twangy, rich tone, that touches on the warmth and thickness of humbuckers, but without sacrificing clarity and presence.

Sadly, an original vintage pickup set is super hard to find, fetching thousands of dollars in online markets...

But, there's no need to cry, as I'm about to introduce you to the perfect vintage P90 replicas, the Seymour Duncan Antiquity P90s. They came at the top of my best P-90 pickups comparison review.

Whether you're looking for a drop-in replacement for a soap-bar pickup fitted guitar, or you're planning on modifying something else – I think these are your best bet for getting an authentic and high-quality P90 pickup sound.

I think these come as close to the originals as any other P90 replicas I've tried, and unless you're willing to spend over 10x the price, these are by far your best choice.

Seymour Duncan Antiquity P-90 Pickups: Overview

Seymour Duncan Antiquity P-90 Pickup

Average Rating: 4.2/5

Why I Like It

  • An authentic recreation of the original '40s Gibson P90s
  • A twangy tone with rich mids and thick lows
  • Captures the cool visual styling of original soap bars

What I Think Could Be Improved

  • High level of hum compared to humbucking pickups
  • Soap bar pickups have an unusual footprint, which won't fit into standard guitars without modification
  • Not as bright or plucky as typical single-coil pickups


  • Pickup Type - Passive Single Coil
  • Position - Bridge, Neck, or Both
  • Magnet Material - Alnico II
  • DC Resistance - 8.6K bridge, 7.8K neck
  • Color - Cream or Black
  • Format - Soapbar P90 pickup

Modeled on the classic P90 pickup created by Gibson in 1946, the Seymour Duncan Antiquity pickup set captures the authentic look, tone, and response of these iconic soap bar sweethearts.

I'm a huge fan of these pickups, but unfortunately, the original P90s are incredibly hard to find – I've seen them sell for ridiculous prices at auction.

The original P90s predated the invention of the humbucker, but are more in that sonic world, compared to the snappy and crisp single-coil pickups found in Stratocasters and Telecasters of the period. P90s still have the twang of single coil pickups, but come with a more pronounced midrange and thicker low end, which are tonal characteristics more commonly associated with humbuckers.

P90s were typically found in guitars like the Gibson SG, Gibson Les Paul, or Epiphone Casino, but aren't found in many guitars (from the factory) due to their unusual shape and size. Although, you see many guitarists modifying their guitars to make them fit.

You might be considering these Seymour Duncan Antiquity pickups as a replacement in a more budget soap-bar pickup-bearing guitar model, or you may even be thinking about modding a different guitar and fitting them in.

Regardless of how you're using them, I think these are the best P90 pickup replicas you can get. They're visually, sonically, and mechanically nearly identical to the originals... Let's have a look in more detail!

Seymour Duncan Antiquity P-90 Pickup Features & Benefits

Tone Quality - 5/5

Seymour Duncan Antiquity P-90 Pickup

The first thing that struck me when I played my guitar with the Seymour Duncan Antiquity P-90 pickup was the incredible warmth and richness of the tone.

This pickup, featuring a custom coil wind and plain enamel mag wire, delivers a quintessentially vintage sound that merges lush harmonics with clear articulation, making every single note distinct and resonant. The vintage-correct growl sounds great regardless of the amp setup I ran it through.

When I played clean rhythms, the chords sounded open and airy, with a smoothness that was both soothing and expressive. The articulation of the notes was particularly impressive, allowing the subtleties of my playing style to shine through. All the single notes jump out with clarity and precision, thanks to the same hand-fabricated bobbin used in the original, preserving the authentic vintage vibe.

As I experimented further, I pushed my amp to achieve a crunchy blues lead tone, and the pickup adapted beautifully. It maintained its full-bodied and vibrant sound, even at higher gain settings where other popular guitar pickups might start to muddy.

The transition from clean to distorted sounds was seamless, providing a consistent output that didn't sacrifice the clarity of the notes. Even during aggressive playing, the definition of each string was remarkably clear, which is often a challenging feat for single coils.

This level of performance, paired with the hand-aged soapbar covers, makes the Antiquity P-90 a standout choice for guitarists who want versatility with vintage flair.

Noise Reduction - 4/5

One of the common issues with single-coil pickups is the hum, but the Antiquity P-90 handles this quite well. There's a noticeable reduction in noise compared to other single-coils I've used, though it's not completely silent. For recording or live settings, this pickup definitely gives a clearer signal that requires less post-processing, without sounding harsh.

Installation Ease - 4/5

Seymour Duncan Antiquity P-90 Pickup

Installing the pickup was straightforward without any modifications needed. The wiring was simple enough, though a beginner might need to consult a professional. I appreciated the clear instructions provided, which made the process smoother.

This was probably easy for me as I was putting them in a guitar that already had soap bar pickups in both the bridge and neck position. But, if you're fitting this in place of a regular single coil neck pickup (or bridge) you may need to do some modding.

I think the cream-aged covers are gorgeous, but you can also pick them up in black. They really have the authentic look of a well-worn Gibson pickup cover.

Value for Money - 4/5

While the Antiquity P-90 is on the pricier side, I believe it's a worthwhile investment for anyone serious about achieving a genuine vintage sound. It's significantly enhanced my playing experience and the quality of my music, complemented by the matching bridge pickup which rounds out the whole setup for a full, round-sounding performance.

Best Alternatives to Seymour Duncan Antiquity P-90 Pickup

While I think the Seymour Duncan Antiquity P90 set is one of the best out of its peers, several other options might be a better choice for you. These include Seymour Duncan Antiquity Texas Hot pickups, especially if you like Strat tone.

Gibson P-90 Dog Ear vs Seymour Duncan Antiquity P-90

Gibson P-90 Dog Ear

If you want something from the original brand, these Gibson P-90 Dogear (also coming as soapbar) are made by the legends themselves. Of course, these aren't true vintage, but nor do they come with the extreme price. Their performance is pretty similar to these Seymour P90s, but they come with a few more model variations like hum cancelling or underwound.

SPH90-1N Phat Cat Humbucker vs Seymour Duncan Antiquity P-90

SPH90-1N Phat Cat Humbucker

This Phat Cat P90 takes the classic approach and brings it into a bit of a more modern tone and style if that floats your boat. This is great if you want a brighter and more distortion-friendly tone.

Final Verdict

Seymour Duncan Antiquity P-90 Pickup

Overall, I'm super impressed with the performance of these Seymour Duncan Antiquity P-90 pickups. I think they come as close as possible to the original models, without needing to spend thousands of dollars. They're a bit cleaner and hum-reduced but still have a very close tone.

If you're looking for a new pair of P90s to put in your guitar, I think you'll love these. Although, you might want to check out my Best P90 Pickup Comparison Review for more options!

Images Courtesy of Seymour Duncan & Gibson

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