Shubb Introduces Capo Royale Series


Shubb Capo Royale in Gold

Press Release:

For many years Shubb has received requests for a gold plated Shubb Capo. While gold is undeniably beautiful, it is not at all durable; it will wear off far too easily and quickly. And it is famously expensive. But now Shubb has researched a high-tech finishing technique that utilizes titanium to produce a capo that has all the beauty of real gold, but is as durable as any metal finish in the world. The new line is called “Capo Royale,” and these capos will shine like gold for many, many years. The capos are available in two distinct finishes, Gold and Rose Gold. MSRP: $29.95.

Shubb Capo Royale in Rose



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