7 Best Smart Speaker Holders of 2024

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A smart speaker holder is one of the cheapest but coolest gadgets you can buy today. These small mounts and stands will keep countertops and desks clutter-free and will even make your music sound better. No more vibration from desks. Plus, this will prevent damage to your speaker, especially if you keep one in your bathroom or kitchen. Here are 7 of the best smart speaker holders for music lovers.

1. Maxonar Alexa Wall Mount Holder 3rd Gen Echo Dot

best smart speaker holders

This Amazon Echo Dot holder is compatible with 3rd generation speakers. It's the perfect solution to getting your speaker off messy counters and hiding cables. The built-in cable management will keep it out of the way for good. It's super easy to install and comes in 2 different colors. Get it for $15.99.

2. Made For Amazon Wall Mount, Black, Echo (4th generation)

best smart speaker holders

If you've upgraded to a 4th generation Echo Dot recently, then this mount is the perfect pick. You can mount it to a wall in under 10 minutes in any room! The best part is that it swivels 150 degrees and tilts 30 degrees. It'll fit in any corner you need it to so Alexa can hear you. It comes with the hardware needed for setup.

3. ECHOGEAR Outlet Shelf for Standard Outlets

best smart speaker holders

This shelf will come in handy for speakers up to 5 pounds. Not only is it great for speakers, but it'll also hold your phone. Listening to music in the shower or while doing some meal prepping just got easier! All you'll need is a screwdriver for setup.

4. Outlet Wall Mount Holder for Google Home Mini (1st Generation)

best smart speaker holders

Google Home Minis became popular through Spotify's Premium member giveaway a few years ago. Since then, many Spotify users have relied on their smart speakers to play their favorite tunes throughout the day. If you still have a 1st gen Google Home Mini, consider this $8 speaker holder. No hardware is required, and the mount hides your power cord. Amazing.

5. HAUS BRIGHT Echo Dot Holder | Google Mini Stand | 2nd/3rd Generation

best smart speaker holders

For those with a newer speaker, consider this mini stand that's compatible with 2nd and 3rd-generation Echo Dots and Google Minis. It'll give your bedroom, living room, or kitchen a plant-lover aesthetic, thanks to the included faux succulents and pebbles. If you decide you don't like the faux plant, you can use it to hold change, pens, or even guitar picks.

6. Mount Genie Pedestal for Nest Mini (2nd Gen) and Google Home Mini (1st Gen)

best smart speaker holders

This stand is unique and simple -- perfect for the minimalist. You'll be able to have a clear view of the lights (in case you aren't sure if it's listening). Plus, this way it'll be easier to press the volume buttons. Get this stand for $12.99.

7. Spigen Silicone Fit Designed for HomePod Mini

best smart speaker holders

This tabletop base is perfect for those who like their HomePod Minis on the coffee table or countertop. The base will prevent vibration for better sound. If you like your music pretty loud, this base will make all the difference. Get it for $12.99.

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